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Take a step out of the comfort zone and try some new games

Have you finally had enough of the usual casino online games? If you’ve mastered the poker table, beat the roulette wheel and hit the jackpot on the slots then you might be looking for a new challenge.

Well, there are plenty of games at Metro Play Casino that will test your nerve to the max and if you branch out of your comfort zone into the casino online world you never know what you might find.

For most people poker and blackjack are far more fashionable games to play than Wild Viking or Sic Bo, for example. The former pair pose those Hollywood qualities glamorised in big-screen blockbusters, yet you don’t know what you’re missing with these other best-kept secrets.

Wild Viking tests your poker and roulette skills in this fast-paced, high-odds game. Simply predict the poker outcome of five cards turned over by the dealer and you could be walking away with a huge jackpot.

Meanwhile, you can also place roulette bets that focus on the last of those five cards. Just like in roulette where the ball lands on a coloured number, whichever card is last in Wild Viking holds values you can bet on. So, if you’ve bet on a Diamond and 8D appears then you’re 4/1 up already.

Another under-played game that will take you out your comfort zone is Sic Bo, which plays alongside the same idea as Wild Viking in that you predict what is going to happen.

In Sic Bo you roll three dice and have an entire table of bets to choose from. You can back a single number to appear at evens, or maybe a double within the three dice at 10/1. The possibilities are almost endless and if you strike lucky on a 180/1 three-of-a-kind you know you’ve mastered the game.

Other casino online games that go under the radar include craps – that famous American pastime – and pinball roulette, which combines the fun of the spin with great visual gameplay.

There is plenty to try if you want to look and you never know, a new game might just land you in the big money.

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